Sub Distribution Panel (SDB Panel)


The sub distribution panel or board consists of a basic frame with all the necessary electrical components such as main isolating switches, emergency shut-down mechanism, RCDs, line circuit breakers, controls and contactors for individual workgroups. The distributor can supply multiple workgroups with electrical power independently. We design & manufacture the Sub Distribution Panel according to the Customers' need through reliability, selectivity, durability & time of taking action to Product Quality which comply with cost effective, long life and application-wise.


Applications Operation, Control & protection of distribution network
System 3 Phase, 3 or 4 wire, 50Hz
Rated Current Upto 3200 Amps
Operational Voltage
110/230v 415v AC
Rated Insulation 1000v
Rated Service Voltage 690v
Ambient Temperature
45 Deg C
Short Time Current
50KA for 1Sec, 105KA peak
Degree of Protection
Form of Sepration
Upto 3B/4B (Optional Type 5)
Type Tested for
Short Time Current withstand Temperature Rise Degree of Protection
Bus Bar System
Interleaved above 1600A
Bus Bar Aluminium or Copper
Ref. Standard
IEC61439-12009, IS:8623
Feeder Configuration Semi Drowout or Fix Type